Sunday 17 July 2016

Harrison Rose finished

I started Harrison Rose in June 2015 using a lovely reproduction pattern by Dawn Collector with a Needle. With relatively little piecing on the top, and a thin batting (Quilters Dream Request cotton) the hand quilting has been a breeze.

It measures 69 inches square as I only made nine blocks (instead of sixteen) - a great size for hanging or lap.

Then I machine washed it (with colour catchers just in case), and blocked it on the floor to dry. No colour runs - the catchers were clean - phew! 

It dried very quickly after a good spin, and has a nice soft and crinkly feel - just how I like it - am so pleased.

So where will we live? 
Could be here...

Or here...
Settled on here...


With that finished it was time to get another quilt prepped for hand quilting. I decided on Wheat and Woods and I'm using the same cotton batting again. 

Meanwhile I have decided to finish my SVBAQ BOM - at just nine blocks. Somehow it's not thrilling me any more - possibly because of my colour choices. Click on the link to see lots of beautiful versions in progress - like Wendy's with a gorgeous cheddar background.

We finally had a day without wind so I whipped the blocks outside for a photo together - the flowers do a little to cheer up the winter garden.

I'm thinking they might look better together with some pieced sashing ...but am not sure? I'll let them sit for a while hoping inspiration strikes. 

The Chapman Coverlet is an 1829 coverlet in the collection of the V&A museum in London. It has been on my "to do" list for a very long time. Finding plastic templates available from Susan Smith decided me - time to take it on! I've still not put away all the fabrics pulled for my Benjamin Biggs quilt top (waiting in the quilting queue) so am using the same reds and greens, and adding black, cheddar and yellows. The centre will be constructed around a red floral piece that has been in the stash a few years waiting for "the right moment".

I found that needleturn applique on the little 2 inch squares somehow aggravated the arthritis pain in my hands - the tight gripping of such small pieces perhaps. So I cut some card templates for the applique pieces and adapted the foil and iron method. 
It works beautifully! more time spent on prep but the applique is quick and requires less precision than needleturn, so is easier on the hands. 

 I found the perfect box to store my squares - can you believe it?! A couple of years ago I got the gift of a china mug from the V&A museum - in a presentation box. The box was too lovely to throw away...

If anyone's read this far -  well done! I've been a bad blogger and that's a two month round up. Must try to blog better...