Wednesday 11 November 2015

Shenn Valley Botanical Album update

First block was the Pineapple , and Second block in the Sewalong is the Flag Iris B-2:
Block B2 - 12 inch block
I have changed the colours as I'd rather stay clear of blue or purple in my version. Are there such things as pink and yellow flag iris? It wouldn't surprise me as there are so many iris colour variations. But never mind accuracy - after all the original quilt has pink and red pineapples ...

photo from SVBAQ blog
Now for a funny thing. I thought I'd get in early last month and make the second block...guessing the next block would be the second along in the top row. Well I was fooled there wasn't I?
Anyway here is my "Second" block , completed end of October. 
I'll show you the steps as it grew - using back basting prep for needle turn applique.

Tracing the design onto the back of the background fabrics

Removing basting thread ahead of needle turn applique

So now I have four blocks. They're not stitched together, just pinned on the design board, and that yellow pineapple block will be moved away on a far corner in final placement.

There has not been quite as much time for sewing recently - hence the 'getting in early' with SVBAQ. Two weeks to go till my daughter's wedding means time spent ticking tasks off the List. Wedding talk follows so you may want to leave now. 

I mentioned last post that all the wedding flowers are to be sourced in my garden. Well - gardening being a very imprecise science - things have flowered quite differently from last year at this time.  I have the photos taken last year to prove it! Some things that should be flowering are late, and others have flowered early. My rows of white roses have flowered earlier than expected...and may well be past it by the wedding.

Several hydrangea bushes were not expected to be in flower yet - but are well on the way and should be just right for the wedding.  

So it may well be that we swap a lot of white roses for a lot of young hydrangeas - just as nice I think! and there is lots of floral potential lurking in the other beds too. 

My daughter is hoping for a relatively relaxed, natural look in her bouquet so I picked a few flowers and foliage to experiment with - perhaps something like this but maybe less roses, more foliage and more hydrangeas? 

Another thing on the List is Confetti Cones - to be filled with rose petals and dried lavender. The plan is to hang these off the end chairs along a lawn aisle between rows of white chairs - ready for the guests to pelt shower the Happy Couple as they leave the ceremony. 
So I spent a few minutes yesterday on a Pinterest search "confetti cones" ...astonished to find hundreds of pictures and dozens of tutorials! This wedding caper is clearly not a new thing - many others have been there and done that!

Started with this lot  - including dried lavender from my garden and some double sided tape.

Came up with this ...apparently torn paper gives a "professional look".

Will show the Bride this weekend and hopefully she'll be rapt. 

The succulents I am growing for favours just can't wait for the wedding. They are growing at a great rate and even started flowering. Have I given them too much tender loving care perhaps? 
No problem - they'll be even more decorative on the tables and hopefully the guests will love them too.