Tuesday 30 July 2013

Trapunto update, Baltimore update and a winter break

Comparing machine trapunto samples
Continuing on from last post's trapunto experiments...
I have made a second machine trapunto sample in preparation for quilting my Carolina Lily quilt. 
The first sample had only one layer of bamboo trapunto batting (on right in picture above) - just in the trapunto area. 
The second sample has two layers of the bamboo (on left in picture). 
And at the back is a piece I made in a class years ago - it has a thick wool/poly batting in the trapunto area. All three have the same wool/poly batting in the final sandwich. If you click on the picture to enlarge it might be easier to compare the finish. 

The class sample has the greatest definition but it is too stiff for my liking (though is fine for a wall hanging). I am very happy with the double layer bamboo sample (on the left) as it seems a good compromise - is still reasonably soft and cuddly, and has pretty good definition too. So...am planning on using that method for my quilt. 

Baltimore Album block 24 finished...and suprisingly I did  quite enjoy all those berries. It was almost entirely back-basted needle turn applique. 

I see so many interesting techniques to try on blogs and such great applique finishes (and get a bit green with envy), so decided to give the "Perfect Circles" a go for a few of the berries. Just to see if this might suit me ...and here are the six I made:
Only made six berries this way
I have used them before and think they are a very clever technique but that is as far as I got before skulking off to back-basting and needle turn - might not make such perfect circles my way but I just enjoy needleturn more. Fun trying different methods though.

Am just back from a lovely winter break to the Snowy Mountains of NSW - staying in a house rented with a mixed family group of eight adults - some oldies and some youngies. The non-skiing group (my group) headed off for walks with and without snow shoes. 
Charlotte's Pass - so beautiful up there

Snow shoe walking Charlotte's Pass

Thredbo walk - that's me on the left
Happy stitching till next time. 


  1. Your applique is beautiful!! (allow me to be green with envy) I think whatever method makes you happy is the best method. I didn't know it snowed in Australia - it's beautiful!
    I love to see your trapunto samples together like that. I think the definition with the 2 layers of bamboo is fabulous! It looks soft like an antique quilt too :0) I can't wait to see it on your Carolina Lily quilt!!

  2. Your samples are just so beautiful. I think everyone just works out their own technique with needleturn, and it has to be enjoyable. I do admire you for doing all those berries. We were at Thredbo in January......looking quite different now.

  3. I love seeing your trapunto experiments!! Your berries block is fabulous!! By coincidence I just did a post about using freezer paper to make circles but that's for bigger circles. I love the way your berries are slightly different sizes. The snow looks like a winter wonderland, I bet it was nice to get away and spend time with family.

  4. Lovely trapunto! And another beautiful block. What wonderful snow pictures!!

  5. Gorgeous looking block and the trapunto looks great. I'm glad you found a method that suited you. It looks like there was good snowfall in Threadbo.

  6. Your samples are wonderful! I agree about wanting the softness in a quilt. Your applique block is wonderful. I love blocks with berries, and you should do them they way you enjoy most, after all it is suppose to be fun! Your carolina lily is just going to be spectacular!

  7. I too just enjoy the process of needleturn so much that I sacrifice the perfection that can be achieved using other methods. I have tried so many different techniques but I remain a needleturn fan!

  8. Wow! your samples are lovely! The texture is so wonderful, I wish I could run my hand over it.
    I use the paper method for my circles. What ever you like best is the best one to use.
    What a beautiful spot for a vacation. I've always wanted to try snow shoeing

  9. what a beautiful place you are visiting! lovely. Lovely applique too - I have not done back basting but your work is beautiful - I do use the circles you show and that is my method - we all do what we are comfortable with don't we.

  10. I am really impressed at how round your needleturn circles are. I do love back-basting and use it myself on circles; some days with success and some days with a lot of swearing.

  11. I like the db bamboo trapunto too. They are beautiful samples!! I'm sure your quilt will be stunning.
    Looks like such a fun place to vacation.