Saturday, 4 October 2014

and The Bride

I've started a new quilt - and I know I'm very late to join the bandwagon on this one - my version of the Civil War Bride. There are versions called 'Bird of Paradise' and 'Bountiful Life' - all inspired by the lovely applique masterpiece in the Museum of American Folk Art. I've had the Threadbear pattern  for a couple of years now...waiting for the right moment. 
Here's a picture of the original (left) in the book "Treasury of American Quilts" and Threadbear's 2009 pattern pictured next to it (right):
My thinking here is:
  • I've got masses of quite a good stash of red fabrics from my ongoing project making my Stars meet Hexagons EPP quilt (yep - still ongoing) ...

  • I've been tempted to make a red and white applique quilt since the internet was flooded with pictures of  Infinite Variety in 2011 - wow, how inspiring was that?! 
  • I've enjoyed the process of making my Auntie Green in neutrals (now 'secret sewing') - restricting colours can be strangely liberating - as long as there are lots of prints to choose. 

So it will be a CWB in red and white - with lots of different reds and lots of different prints! 

Working on Block 1 there was much fabric fun.
Became this...
And this...
Became this...

And there was this...

Finishing up with this...
Block 1
Starting another block ( Block 8 this time) ...

I am doing needleturn applique - all using back basting prep. I could have made bias tape for the stems, as suggested in the pattern, but so far it seems just as easy to back baste them first, as I am so used to this technique. 

Ann Randoll quilt - no, not abandoned... I am now ready to sew together the appliqued corner blocks that I drafted for the the hexagon border. They will be stitched to either end of the hexagon border strips, and then machine stitched to the quilt. I prefer to machine stitch the long seams together to give the quilt extra stability/strength.

Here's a collage of photos from my garden this week. They show my favourite garden colour - the limey greens of new growth in Spring. Time to go sit out there and enjoy it....

Have a lovely weekend - a long weekend for us here. 


  1. Love the reds for CWB quilt! What a terrific idea to limit the palette. Would love to know about the Ann Randoll quilt. Is there a pattern?

  2. I'm not sure where my comment went so I'll try again. I will love watching this quilt grow. It will be lovely in reds. I am really enjoying the freedom of working with a limited colour palette on my DJ.

  3. I think the CWB quilt will be incredible in red and white!! You are so fearless to try challenging ideas - I'm so impressed. I love your first block! You have some great red fabrics. The way you progress so quickly through quilts you will have it finished before I can get mine done :0) Totally love the sawtooth edged borders as well.

  4. Oh wow Hilda! Just so gorgeous! Block #1 is fabulous and the pear is delicious, you always choose the best fabrics. I'm going to love following this quilt.

  5. This is going to be amazing. What a great idea and so courageous! The beginning looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest.

  6. Wow! Love the idea of a red and white CWB quilt :)

  7. Beautiful eye candy for a early Saturday morning. Your appliqué is stunning!

  8. Your bride quilt block in the red.....wonderful! My red stash is mostly limited to the darker shades. I would have to shop a lot to be able to do a quilt like this in reds. I will so enjoy watching your quilt progress.

  9. oh my this quilt is going to be amazing in red and white. Wow love your fabric choices already! I saw this antique quilt in person and all I can tell you is that it is stunning.
    I am going to be watching this will great enthusiasm ! your are inspiring me to get back to handwork

  10. wow - what a creative and unique Idea for the CWB quilt. I have always loved that quilt and can't wait to watch your project.
    Your red EPP piece is incredible!!
    wow! I'm always so inspired when I visit your beautiful blog

  11. Oh, what fun, Hilda. Trust you to think of something different! It will be stunning!

  12. gorgeous. That is one pattern that I never felt like making but your making it in reds for some reason makes it more appealing to me.

  13. I excited to see your red CWB take shape--it's going to be a fun challenge! So far, it's stupendous!

  14. What a fabulous color choice for your CWB quilt!
    The blocks are stunning! I love your flare for fussy cutting fabrics.
    It inspires me to look at prints differently now.
    I look forward to following your wonderful journey in making this quilt!

  15. Hello Hilda !
    Congratulations for your first block !! It's so incredible and red is a great idea...I'm so impatient to discover your quilt progress cause I'm sure it will be wonderful...
    Bravo ! :)

  16. Hilda - blown away by your choices of fabrics - yet again! You are a walking tutorial on color! and fabric use! The CWB will be a stunner.

  17. I enjoy seeing how you go about looking at fabrics. And then how the fabrics add extra dimension and interest to the applique pieces. I'm going to enjoy following your progress on this awesome quilt.

  18. Now that I am making the Simon quilt in French General faded red, old brown and pearl, I will have to try your idea of CWB in faded reds and pearl. Thank you for thinking outside of the box and being such an inspiration!

  19. You are enjoying spring and here where I am in the USA I have to go pick the green tomatoes that are left as we should have our first heavy frost tonight. And I will miss my lovely your blocks are in this new project and the one that you are finishing up! :)

    I enjoy seeing them very much :)

  20. Wow Hilda, this is going to be so stunning.
    Love what you have done so far, love your chosen fabrics.
    I look forwardto seeing it grow.


  21. Oh this is going to be so different and wonderful! Looking forward to future pics. You must purchase every red fabric you see to have such a great variety!

  22. The Civil War Bride quilt is going to be beautiful in reds and whites. You're off to a wonderful start with that beautiful block, and the pear. You are going to have such a fun time picking the fabrics.