Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Baltimore block 13

Block 13 finished of my Baltimore Album applique quilt ...only 12 to go...gulp. But that means over half way which sounds OK doesn't it? (I won't mention the border...)

From this...

To this...

The pattern packs that I have used consist of collections of blocks copied from a variety of quilts. Some of the original blocks on these quilts had embroidery - to highlight or add detail - and I have been tempted to add some too - maybe eyes on the bird, that sort of thing. But on the other hand I rather like the simplicity of  the plain applique...not sure yet.

'Patchwork of the Crosses' - getting ready for machine quilting:

Taping down the backing

The "sandwich"

Ready to pin

All secure in a sea of pins

Ready to sew

I would love to have hand-appliqued this quilt but arthritis in my hands does not allow. I'm planning on something simple by machine, around the hexagons, to highlight/outline the blocks and fussy cut shapes.

And here is a future project - medallion quilt - starting the planning... mmm...gorgeous chintz for a centre !?


  1. block 13 is a milestone to be proud of! LOVE the block, wow.
    ok your quilt is just sooo beautiful
    good luck quilting it. take your time and I am sure it will come out perfect.
    The medallion center is just soooo beautiful, wow can't wait to see what you do for the rounds , I hope you continue to share your progress on the medallion.

  2. I too wondered about adding the embroidery to my blocks when I worked on my version of the "Captain Russell" Baltimore album quilt. I finally decided to go for it and was glad I did - the embroidery added just the right touch. Love your block and 13 done is super! Good luck with the machine quilting on your beautiful patchwork quilt!

  3. What angel flew down and pinned that quilt? Have you ever tried basting on a table with clamps and old cutting mats? I keep meaning to post a tutoring post on it.
    Lovely chintz medallion!

  4. Wow! The chintz center is going to amke an awesome medallion!!
    Love your Baltimore block. It seems like you just started it! Very nice!!
    Basting is my least favorite thing, but it also means that a top is finished!!

  5. I won't ever grow tired of seeing your Patchwork of the Crosses!
    You are very fast with the applique. I find hand applique hurts my wrists a bit. For my hand quilting project I'm using wool batting to reduce the stress on my hands. Plus, I just do a little at a time.
    Isn't it fun planning a new quilt project?!?

  6. love, love, love!!! Patchwork of the Crosses is just magnificent!

  7. Just found your blog while searching for photos of quilts that have used the chintz medallions, and yours are lovely. I have only found a few panels on line so far. You've reminded me that I did 2 POTC blocks ages ago and should get back to them. Love your quilts, and I have become your newest follower.

  8. I've just found your blog too and love what you get up to!! Grin - and following on from LuAnn I have become an even newer follower! Both your appliqué and your Patchwork of the crosses are beautiful!

  9. I agree with Heather(above)I think adding embroidery will finish off the block beautifully - good luck with your decision making on this. I too just love your Patchwork of the Crosses and can't wait to see what develops with the chintz medallion.

  10. I'm so glad you passed by my blog, I know I'm going to love it here.

    I've scheduled myself a real drool fest here this morning.

    Lovely, work!

    Fiona x

  11. Gorgeous !!!
    Bon courage for the quilting.

  12. Very nice suprise to have found another POTC! My top is already finished for quite some time now, but the quilting is another story. I also hope to manage it on the machine and am happy you are trying to do the same. Gives me hope...