Friday, 2 November 2012

Sarah Morrell Quilt

Hi again,
My daughter has kindly created a new Blog Header (name and picture) for me as I was already tired of seeing my name up there - hehe. Coming up with a name was not easy - there are so many good ones out there already in use! Hopefully we have not stepped on any toes with this one...just wanted to keep it simple.

The picture is a photo of my version of Di Ford's beautiful pattern - the Morrell Quilt. For me this is the kind of quilt you do as a culmination of all skills honed over many years and I found it quite challenging. Hence the odd wobbly block and uneven quilting. But hey, as they say,  it is rustic and clearly home made, and I do love the design !

I bought the pattern on line and then worked out how to make it in a way that suited me (and my limited skills). Thanks to so many bloggers who shared their experiences with this quilt online. The "skills" that I used included:

  • Foundation Paper Piecing by hand or machine  - a wonderfully useful technique for precise piecing. Thanks to great teaching in classes with Chris Jurd I have since found I can  apply this to other patterns.
  • English Paper Piecing - am now in withdrawal if I don't do some of this every  week  every day
  • Fussy cutting - ditto.
  • Hand applique and Broderie perse - love doing them both.
  • Machine quilting - that was a steep learning curve that started with classes with Deborah Louie, and still needs practise, practise, practise!
Here are one or two block close ups - some a bit distorted by the angle of the photos, sorry, as it is hanging on the wall in my family room ...


  1. Love your header quilt and your new blog name. Welcome to the world of blogging!!

  2. I think you have done a great job and it reminds me that I need to do some work on mine.

  3. Love your Morrell Quilt. Interesting the list of techniques you have used making this quilt. I also loved looking at your Baltimore blocks, I have been quietly contemplating making some type of Baltimore influenced quilt next year.