Monday, 1 April 2013

Quilt tour part three... and a discovery

A few more quilts around the house just to complete my little tour.

Here is my version of the Sarah Morrell quilt hanging on the wall in the family room - completed in 2012 using Di Ford's wonderful pattern:

Sarah Morrell quilt - version of Di Ford's pattern

There are also more photos of individual blocks here on a previous post.

Hanging in my entrance way is the Folk Art Basket quilt. It is my version of Karen Cunningham's reproduction pattern and was made in 2011/2012.  It was just such a pleasure to make this one and got me well and truly hooked on English Paper piecing and fussy cutting techniques.
Folk Art Basket quilt - Karen Cunningham class

Folded away at the moment  ( spot it on the shelf?) is my red and white Mariner's Compass - made in 2010 in classes with Chris Jurd. It is foundation paper pieced and appliqued, and machine quilted - see this post for a closer view. It was a real eye-opener to discover foundation paper piecing too.

Mariner's compass variation - class with Chris Jurd
The next one is folded on a bed - machine pieced and hand quilted in 2007. It is my design made in my daughter's choice of largely Japanese fabrics. 

Japanese fabric quilt

****   End of tour!   ****

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter - loaded with chocolate and Easter buns like me! 

And the Discovery?
Over Easter I've also been flat out discovering Pinterest. My daughter highly recommended it and showed me the ropes. Wow ...what a marvellous time-waster but such a useful resource for organising quilting ideas ! I have put a link in the margin to my Pinterest collections in case you might like to look - but I think you may have to be a member ... 


  1. I am in total quilt envy, your quilts are amazing.
    BEAUTIFUL bet your looking forward to Di's new book like I am!
    thanks for sharing. Sarah Morrell quilt is just incredible. was it a challenge to make? I bet for me it would be such a learning experience and a way to challenge myself making many of those blocks!
    Folk art basket quilt is to die for. I LOVE that quilt, just love it does she sell the pattern?

  2. You have made wonderful quilts. Thank's for showing them.
    Also like your Pinterest page and it is a time waster but I love it.

  3. Good morning Hilda,
    I have enjoyed the tour immensely and it has reminded me that I startedSarah Morrell and therefore one day must go back to it. You have some great quilts. Now I am off to stalk you on Pinterest. I love it on there. Enjoy the rest of your Easter.

  4. It is like walking through a quilt museum! Beautiful, wonderful, thanks for showing us. Have not dared to try Pintrest yet...... another thing to spend time on...

  5. You do such awesome work! The quilt of your own design is quite fascinating.
    I recently starting pinning, too. It's a great way to capture ideas.

  6. Wonderful eye candy! Your quilts are so detailed and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed the tour.

  7. What a great tour again... love those pictures !! The basket quilt from Karen Cinningham is so beautiful I have got the pattern of the english basket quilt... it looks almost the same, but haven't started yet.
    I'm following you on pinterest :-)

  8. Nice post today. Love your version of the Sarah Morrell quilt.

  9. What beautiful quilts!! I'm sure you don't get tired of seeing them!!

  10. These are all so gorgeous! You certainly have been busy, and I love that you are surrounded by them all day long! I think quilts this beautiful should always be out on display.....well done!

  11. Love all your quilts Hilda and I'm looking forward to buying Di's book and doing a class with her later on this month in Nantes.

  12. I enjoyed seeing more of your beautiful quilts! The basket quilt has to be my favorite :0)

  13. Beautiful quilts Hilda especially the Mariners!

  14. Your quilts are divine, they are all heirlooms. The Sarah Morell quilt has some beautiful blocks, I love the black and white toile in it.

  15. Thanks for the tour! So wonderful! Show and tell is always so fun! Pinterest is awesome isn't it! I don't use it as I should because I waste the day away, but it's such a great useful tool for all areas of life. Thanks again for showing your wonderful quilts!

  16. So many amazing quilts!! I love the folk baskets quilt! I've seen quite a few Mariners Compasses but yours is my favourite version, the colours are perfect and the applique is beautiful!! Pinterest is too good, I've decided not to use it because I can spend hours looking at all those wonderful images.

  17. Thanks so much for the tour. I was particularly fascinated to see the whole of your Morrell quilt, what a masterpiece!

  18. You have such a wonderful collection of quilts! I love your Sarah Morrell. Sometimes I come across Pinterest when I search for something, but I have not dared to look into it further.......

  19. Amazing...what a joy to see all those pretty quilts.....looks like you live in quiltersheaven! I hope I will turn 250 years and still be make all those quilts aswell.

  20. hello Hilda, I just came over from Karen's blog and I love what I found here. Such beautiful work. I love to English paper piece too and you and Karen have inspired me to be more adventurous and try applique too.
    Thankyou for sharing your amazing quilts.

  21. Hello Hilda, i am really glad to find your blog, as your quilts are so inspiring and your needleturn is just amazing. May I ask you, which background colours you have used for your wonderful folk art basket quilt?
    Thank you for your answer and your inspiring blog!