Saturday, 20 April 2013

Carolina Lily

Making a start on this (yippee) ... "Carolina Lily" pattern in Quiltmania number 59
My photo of page in Quiltmania 72
First - the fabric selection and collection - just in case you are interested:
  • 10 yards of Kona Cotton Snow ( k001-1339) for the background - not too white, not too pink, and not too dark - happy with that, no problem.
  • 3 and 1/2 yards of green - a bit of faffing around involved here, but decided on the Poison Green from Vintage and Vogue (don't actually know the make of it - anyone know?)
  • 1 and 1/2 yards of yellow...LOTs of faffing around and still can't decide
The yellow semi-finalists - two solids and a tiny print
In the picture above : The very bottom yellow I do love, but have come to the conclusion the colour is not strong enough (bit too grey?) against the brighter green - so it is out. 

The finalists - almost
That leaves, in the picture above,  the final two yellow possibilities -
  • Pomegranate from Blue Hills with the tiny print, 
  • and a great solid yellow (from a local quilt shop but there is no label unfortunately). 
I have loads of photos of antique Carolina Lily quilts on my Pinterest board (been researching away!) and quite a few have a tiny print for the flowers - looks charming. 

Either of these last two yellows would be great I think ...any preferences ?

Amazing how much time is spent on the fabric decisions isn't it...but when there are only two fabrics playing around on at least 85 inches of background it would be quite sad to get sick of one part way through!!


  1. I vote for the tiny print though the solid would be fine, too. You don't waste any time, do you!

  2. It's a bit scary only choosing two fabrics. The solid is nice but I prefer the print too.

  3. I would definitely use a print. I don't think either of your solids are yellow enough. The print is very cheerful!

  4. Oh, this is going to be lovely! I would choose the print, because I would not get sick of that, but it is so personal.

  5. Definitely the print for me.
    I've always wanted to make a Carolina Lily ,but just to work with a limited colour pallete is a bit scary for me.

  6. oh I love that yellow print thats what I would use.
    its going to be beautiful. can't wait for you to start :)

  7. Well, I was going to go with the plain, but after a 2nd look I prefer the print!
    I am such a procrastinator when it comes to fabric choices. I understand your dilema completely!!

    Love your new header photo!

  8. Definitely the print for a contrast to the solid green. Love all your quilts.

  9. I love green and yellow in quilts, I make lots with pink as an accent colour. I like the top two best, love the little print, looking forward to seeing this one develop :D

  10. I have used the little print and really like it so I would chose it. This is going to be a wonderful quilt looking forward to seeing pictures as you go along.

  11. A person's eye is going to go to the print right away because of the little details. When I looked at the last picture of all the fabrics, the solids look just like the picture of the original quilt in the photo!!! Tulips are usually solid colored flowers unless they are fancy breed with the stripes. I guess your question is, will I get tired of the solid yellow working through the whole quilt top???? Do you want it to look like the quiltmania quilt or a little different???? I absolutely love the kona snow fabric. I now buy bolts of it when I find it--works really well with so many things. It is great with 30's fabrics. Remember it is not rocket science--only fabric!!!! Have fun. Judy

  12. I guess I'm odd man out. My first thought was why not use both?

  13. Hi I agree both would be nice. Why not do a trial block with both colours before you choose.

  14. Both the print and solid would work and make a lovely quilt. I agree, why not try a block in both and see which you prefer?

  15. Hard to tell from the computer. I'm sue you'll pick the right one. Will be gorgeous!

  16. I was thinking the print until read the comment from "Gwendiequilts" and I agree that the print and the solid could look great, but I would use both within the same block.

  17. That quilt is so amazing , it's going to be wonderful watching it grow. Looking at your fabrics, at first I liked the print, but then I liked the solid , then back to the print.. so I'm no help. I know you'll pick the perfect fabric.

  18. Love that solid green! I ordered so many different solid green pieces for another project and decided I had to choose in real life!
    I'm loving the small printed yellow. I think it will be a nice contrast with the solid green.

  19. I love, love this project!! I will vote for the printed yellow - so pretty. I do love the solid green and I've used Kona snow before and loved it. I just adore the border on this quilt. It will be fun to watch your progress. I've not heard of faffing around before - I suspect I do it a lot!

  20. First: the pattern is beautiful especially the border. Second: my eye was immediate drawn to the yellow with the tiny print. But, it is really important , as you already wrote, that you like it. You have to make it and probably look at it for a very long time.

  21. I just love the pattern you are about to be making into a beautiful quilt! Speaking
    for myself I would prefer the yellow with the tiny print, as it "pops" out better in
    the whole project, makes it more lively!
    Looking forward to following this amazing project. Kind regards, Ageeth

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