Saturday, 11 January 2014

Simon top finished and Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt

Simon - the top is finished:

The final borders are a little different from what was planned but I am very happy with it.  I am not entirely sure what happened to the measurements but do know there was some considerable "user error" with a tape measure! 

Last post I had the centre top finished and the outer pieced border strips finished , and was debating the fabrics for the narrow joining borders. After auditioning a few, and taking note of your comments (thanks!)  I decided the paisley fabric was the way to go...

Paisley fabric just auditioning for two narrow outer borders - not stitched yet
So I carefully trimmed the top and the pieced border strips. All EPP papers had been removed and seams ironed open ( they needed trimming as I don't cut seams precisely before using the papers)...
Squaring and trimming with 1/4 inch seam allowance
Then I fussy cut my border fabric and machine stitched them to the quilt top. This is where the "user error" occurred - the strips were way too narrow. By then I had stitched them on and I was not undoing it all....

So I added another narrow strip all around  - cut from the same fabric :

That fitted fine so I stitched on the pre-prepared pieced border - phew:

At this point I had a look at the pattern again and read about 'traditional Dutch binding' - it is not visible on the front of the quilt (all the binding is folded over to the back). With that in mind I decided not to add a final border of paisley as I felt the quilt needed a dark outer edge. So ... am just going to finish on the pieced outer border. Besides...I am rather tired of sewing on borders LOL!

I am planning on domestic machine quilting this one (it is a manageable size at about 60" by 72")  and I am looking forward to giving this Dutch-style binding a try. 

Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt: I could not resist signing up for this free block of the month from Just Takes 2 (Gay and Brenda). I'd been itching to do a large reproduction applique project, tossing up between a few options. So many nice ones out there. Another reproduction antique is just my style and the gorgeous swag border on this quilt won me over - charming and a bit quirky, without being too challenging. Famous last words?
Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk
Picture from Just Takes 2
There is a Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt blog created for posting progress and there are already several wonderfully different blocks to look at there. I leaped at the chance to use reproduction reds and poison greens (having all these already in the stash just waiting for the right project). Here is progress so far:

Block 1- back basting needle turn applique
 OOh it is nice to be using red again!
Fabrics selected for my blocks
Medallion quilt:
Just to show this has not been abandoned - here is a peek at the final border progress. More on that next time....


  1. Funny how that tape measure lies isn't it!
    Your strategy looks perfect and I can't wait to see the Dutch binding.
    Love the new project too. Should keep you busy for a while. Ha, ha.

  2. Simon has turned out beautifully, and lovely to have your own border variation ( no error here!). Your new project looks a fun challenge, love the reds.

  3. Wow! Your Simon quilt is just incredible. Your last little border looks totally planned! Looking forward to seeing your Biggs quilt develop!

  4. Your Simon quilt top is so, so wonderful. I love your border.
    Greetings Grit

  5. Your Simon quilt is a stunner and I love tht the narrow borders worked so well. I'll be looking forward to your new project, your fabrics are fabulous. I'm admiring your back basting technique too.

  6. Congratulations on finishing the Simon top, it's absolutely gorgeous. The paisley borders look great, you made great use of that creative opportunity :) I've also been tempted by the BB Wedding quilt but I'll be more than happy to follow your progress. Your first block looks fabulous and so do your fabrics especially those hard to find greens. Looking forward to seeing more of your medallion.

  7. Well done Hilda. Simon is looking gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the next installment.

  8. Gosh, Simon looks wonderful. Benjamin Biggs is a lovely quilt- I've been seduced by the pattern too. Love your fabrics, seems we have several in common!

  9. Your Simon quilt looks so wonderful!! It's funny how odd measurements can lead to new fabulous decisions. I really like the look of the extra border. Your dutch binding sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing how it looks, The BB Wedding Quilt is going to be a fun project, I love the stack of reds and greens you've pulled for those blocks and your first block looks great!!

  10. Simon is wonderful and I think your "user error" added border looks like it belongs in the quilt! I shall have to go back in your blog to read about your medallion quilt.

  11. Your simon quilt is just beautiful, seems like you only just started. I am so tempted by the Benjamin Biggs quilt but I have so many appliqué projects in progress that I probably should not start another. Hmmm, so tempting!

  12. Love the Simon quilt and one of my favourite books is An Moonen's "A History of Dutch Quilts" so just love this style of quilt. Take care.

  13. It is gorgeous!! And from one of my favorite quiltbooks. You did a great job, love it!

  14. I love how it all came together--gorgeous! I'm trying to resist starting Benjamin Biggs, but you are making it very tempting!

  15. Nice work getting the final border to fit! It is beautiful!!
    I've been doing a fair amount of green and red repros but after seeing your stack I understand why! What a great combination. Your first Biggs block is lovely.

  16. The simon quilt top has lots of movement!! I love what you did for the borders. It was a lot of work, but couldn't be better for this quilt. I have watched the Biggs blocks being made, but your stack of green and red just shouts--make this quilt!!

  17. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful quilts! I just found your blog and have been viewing all the eye candy on your last several posts!

    Blessings and hugs!

  18. Great save on the Simon quilt - we quilters are nothing if ingenious!! It's looking so good! Love the fabrics for your new appliqué. Have fun with that!

  19. Your blog is wonderful, I LOVE the quilt in your header. Wow, start to finish in one year with all the hand quilting, Good for you. I love the feathered wreaths in it. I will stop back again as your posts are very inspiring. I'm working on my BB block this weekend!

  20. You are really talented. I need to read your Simon information again just to comprehend how you figured that out. I love your first BB block and your fabric choices. I started my block last weekend but was too tired to work on it during the week. I hope to finish it this weekend. What fabric are you using for your background? I chose Kona Snow.

  21. Well done on your dutch quilt - it looks great and the creativeness with the border is not noticeable at all - it looks just like it is supposed to be like that! I've been pondering on the Benjamin as well, it is lovely - I'd love to do it but... we'll see!

  22. What fun, a Dutch quilt made ​​in Australia.
    He is beautiful!
    Such beautiful fabrics used.

  23. I love how the final pieced border finishes it off. The paisleys are just perfect!! It will be very fun to follow your progress with the Biggs quilt - I adore red and green applique :0)

  24. your simon quilt is gorgeous. i am in awe.
    your bb block is great. i really like the red you chose.
    i am going to invest in reproductions.

    i live in nelson bay. is that anywhere close to you

    Kathleen Mary

  25. Congratulations on the completion of Simon. It is beautiful. And as for the "error", it resulted in a lovely extra little detail in the quilt! I've never heard of a Dutch binding - is it a facing? If so I like quilts finished with a facing because it is such a nice clean finish.

    I've signed up for BB too but haven't yet made the first block but I'm inspired to get started!