Sunday, 30 June 2013

To post or not to post...

I thought twice about posting as you'll all say..."more of the same" - and that is how it stands with my quilting projects I'm afraid.

So how about knitting for something new?
Here is a beanie just finished for my son. It is 75% wool and 25% possum. Bit novel I thought - knitting with possum fur. In case you don't know possums are a protected species in Australia so this yarn is from New Zealand (where they are a major environmental pest and very much not protected).

Possums, cute as they are, have been a jolly nuisance in the vegie patch here, and have been roundly cursed by yours truly on many occasions. Like when they ate my entire crop of corn cobs overnight (just ready to harvest)...grr! So the beanie is a bit like getting my own back ?!

And just to prove I have been progressing with quilting projects :

More stars for the Star Bouquet quilt

Carolina Lily - third border appliqued and attached

In the garden I made a Tulip Lasagne. There are 25 bulbs layered under the lucerne in that pot and I have high hopes for a wonderful show in spring (being optimistic here) - will keep you posted.

It is very wintery in the garden at the moment but so nice to have these flowering inside.
Hope you're getting lots of sewing time :)


  1. It's not the quantity, it's the quality! Your Carolina Lily is fabulous and I always love getting to see your progress on the hand pieced stars.:)

  2. I never tire of seeing your progress! Great work on the beanie, the possum makes them so soft. NZ definitely has a different opinion when it comes to possums. The tulips will look amazing when they flower.

  3. Love whatever you post! Should be a law against possums in Australia. They eat lots in our garden too.
    Good luck with the tulips. You're in the right climate.

  4. I always love seeing what you're up to even if its the same project. I secretly hope you'll be making the Carolina Lily quilt for a long long time so I get to see lots of posts about it. And your stars too. Your knitted beanie looks so warm and soft. I hadn't heard of possom fur being blended with wool. I hope the possoms don't hear about your tulip lasagne.

  5. Oh I can hardly wait to tell my quilting friend (who also spins her own yarn) about using possum fur. They are somewhat of a nuisance here in America's heartland, however, we always enjoy spotting the neighborhood possum walking on the the top of the wood fences in our back yard like it is his own private above ground railway. Happy stitching.

  6. Oh, your borders are spectacular!!! It has been quite fun to see the quilt go from design ideas and colors/fabric choices to the 3rd border. I need to remember that it is a slow process, but will get there with some time put in. I think the beanie is awesome possum!! Have a great day, Judy

  7. Your Carolina Lily grows more beautiful each time you show it!! Love the blue knitted cap - sweet revenge...

    Fascinating way to plant tulips. Wish it would work for us but our winters are much too frigid. I had to give up on planting bulbs in the ground as every one of them was eaten by a nameless critter.

    Your cyclamen is lovely.

  8. I love the beanie!

    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your tulips. I love their vibrant colours.

    Carolina Lily is looking great! Only one border to go!!

  9. OMG what a funny post! Possums are a pest and I love how you got even! Third applique border!! Woo-Hoo!!

  10. It's always a special treat to see your work :) just love watching your Carolina Lily grow and what a clever idea to hang it up with skirt hangers! I hope for your sake that possums don't like tulips.

  11. Your possums sound like our rabbits. A nuisance. But the beanie looks lovely and soft. I love your Carolina Lily, you must be so pleased with it! Nice to look forward to tulips.

  12. The 3rd border already! Your projects are SO beautiful!! Never worry about boring us! I hope your tulips work out - another interesting project :o)

  13. lol - I didn't know you could knit with possum fur! I'd love to get back into knitting. Your work is lovely!
    Great progress on your other projects, too, including the plant variety. Your cyclamen is beautiful. Good luck with the tulips!

  14. oh the leli,s beutifull, and the hat so lovely .