Saturday, 2 March 2013

A new start

A new project -  "In the time of Toile" quilt kit (by Froncie Quinn). I was very lucky winning this from Sue . Thanks so much to Sue for her generosity!
Just look at the lovely fabrics here...

I particularly like the red toile and the florals.  A couple of  small pieces of this line are already in my stash - which might come in handy for the quilt. But no more of the red toile. 

And this is the pattern:

To make a start I decided to fussy cut the toile to make the four  corner blocks around the centre . It is a large scale print with few repeats so was going to be tricky to select pieces to use. I wanted to have a bird in each corner. 
These "tools" were invaluable: a homemade template of the corner block and a packet of kebab sticks...
got you guessing?
I only had one template so the kebab sticks just marked possible placements before drawing/cutting - bit crude but it worked a treat: 

Only two large birds on the piece of fabric, and a few littlies

Next - the Applique basket :
I have substituted a different yellow for the base as the one in the pack is a little "muddy" for me. 
The red top of the basket (and flowers) is all one piece of fabric cut from the border print - very clever use of the fabric I thought - well done Froncie!
Basket cut from border fabric - ready to needle turn applique
Applique done
Next - Broderie Perse flowers and leaves:
I cut pieces out of the floral fabric and some of the individual flowers from the border print and dithered around with placement - fun to do but took a while. Then I tacked them down very roughly with large stitches :
Tacking stitch placement ready to applique
Bit of a tentative placement - might change a bit as I sew. There are 12 seperate pieces of fabric tacked on there so this could be fiddly with the needleturn applique! Wish me luck...


  1. Wow! This is right up your alley! It is going to be stunning.

  2. Oh I'm so excited to see you have started it. That toile was a gorgeous one and she probably needed to have put a larger piece in the kit- you have done a great job with fussy cutting it.

    It's going to be fab.

  3. Fabulous bit of fussy cutting there and I don't think you need luck with such great skills. Can't wait to see what else you do.

  4. What a treat on starting the day! This looks absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to see your progress. I certainly wish you luck for the needleturn - it looks tricky, but I'm sure you will do it fine!

  5. This is looking the fabrics by the way... have a nice weekend!

  6. Sue found the perfect home for this kit! Fun to see your progress, it is beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely applique work!

    Carolyn :)

  8. I am ever so inspired when I read your blog. This is going to be beautiful.

  9. I think you were the perfect person to win this kit! It is going to be over-the-top amazing!

  10. What a spectacular project! So reminicent of the pre-1830's era of quilting. The fabric just makes me drool. You are doing a fabulous job with the broiderie perse - that is one technique I've hardly ever done. Lucky you winning this - it will be so much fun watching your progress.

  11. Who's a lucky girl! I can see you'll have fun with this one.

  12. LOVE your new start and especially the red toile fabric. This kit has found the perfect owner. It's great to see your broderie perse process as I have been working on my broderie perse Morrell blocks this week - what a happy coincidence :)

  13. The bird toile is marvelous! Looks like you made good use of it. I look forward to seeing your progress. your applique is beautiful!

  14. You are getting to play with such gorgeous fabrics!! Great tip about the bamboo skewers, I cut out freezer paper shapes to do a similar thing. It's wonderful to see your process with the Broderie perse. It's all looking beautiful!

  15. I'm sure Sue is glad to see you've gotten to work right away on this project. This is lovely. Good luck! Though after seeing your other work I have no doubt this will turn out beautifully, too.

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  17. Wow, that basket is gorgeous. I love your trick for cutting those triangles, It's a brilliant tip so thanks for sharing it.

  18. Your Broderie Perse is so pretty, the whole piece is just lovely. I like seeing your POTC as your header picture, every block is just so interesting.