Saturday, 12 January 2013

Baltimore blocks 14, 15 and 16 and embroidery

More progress on  Baltimore album blocks:

Block 15  -  after much deliberating I decided to add some embroidery - just felt there was a need for some definition on the more complex applique blocks - the ones with a layered look. The pictures of the original quilts (in the pattern pack) had what appears to be simple if not crude embroidery (maybe some inked details actually) and all in dark brown/black? So I thought it didn't need to be too sophisticated - which suits me fine as I am no embroiderer!

Block 15

With the next block I photographed it before adding embroidery and then after - for comparison (hopefully you can see a difference!) ...

Block 16 before embroidery
Block 16 with embroidery

And here is Block 14  - started a couple of posts back - now finished. No embroidery as it is one of the simpler,  two dimensional blocks :

Block 14
Now I mustn't forget to go back and add embroidery to a few of the blocks already finished  ...

I've enjoyed seeing the impressive lists of "Projects planned for 2013" on other quilting blogs - Wow, so much inspiration there! must get sewing...


  1. Yes Hilda they look so much better with the embroidery added and they did ink in details way back in the day.
    You look like you're having fun with this quilt.
    Happy Ny too!

  2. I agree, the blocks look so much better with the embroidery. You can really tell the difference between the two #16 pics, thanks for sharing these. With the wreath block did you use one continuous piece for the stem circle?

  3. They are lovely blocks! the embroidery definitely improves them. It gives them their very special unique character. I look forward to seeing the others!

  4. What lovely blocks, so many tiny stitches to make spectacular blocks. The embroidery really adds alot. I hope to start an appliqued quilt when the weather warms here, since it too warm to quilt in the summer. Your pics have my fingers itching to get started.

  5. The embroidery really does make a difference. I think you made the right decision. So pretty!

  6. The embroidery looks perfect. Good choice!

  7. Beautiful blocks, the embroidery does add a lot to those blocks. I think you are right they were possibly inked in the old one's blocks, but inking on an applqiue block scares can pick out embroidery if it does not look right.

  8. Yes, I can see the difference and it's HUGE! It really adds something to the flowers. I'd be much more apt to add embroidery than ink since I can fix thread! You're doing a beautiful job.

  9. Your blocks are beautiful. It's amazing to see the difference the embroidery makes.

  10. What lovely applique!! The embroidery looks wonderful! Love the before and after pictures.

  11. What wonderful blocks! I think the addition of embroidery is perfect! It adds a lot of detail.

  12. Beautiful applique blocks. I like it very much with the embroidered details. And the last one is also very nice.